today i explain what things are fake. serial killers, clowns, billy, fairies, your life,God,Jesus,your mom, and all your crappy fan-fictions about being saved from your even crappier life.

I’m also gonna explain real stuff, youtube,your dad,scientists,teachers,God,Jesus, and Billy.

stuff on both is real and fake depending on who you are. Your life IS fake.Alot of idiots will read this.

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lol so funny


That means whoever is writing this is a teenager who believes everything is fake. Which means in your level, your fake, your family is fake. This world is real and just wait till it spits you out.


so idiots will be reading this? you must be including yourself seeing how you dont know how to properly space your commas, and periods, and its a lot, alot isnt a word


But the only one true idiot wrote it.