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What’s the difference between a black & a white fairy tail? White begins, “Once upon a time…” Black begins, " Yall mutherfuckers aint gonna believe dis shit"

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dude that is fucking funny lol

asians say it was a wong tam ago



I spit my tea everywhere!! That’s hilarious!!

It made me see little im still laughing actually

Bro help my penis hurst

racist jokes are rare these days


@meanwhile lmao

Dat is sorta old but its funny I guess....

Kinda racist but dark jokes aren’t meant to be happy


Crow correct

That's raisct not funny

stfu thats what this whole website is

Come on, dude seriously? No there’s no meme or parallel related to that. Black says Once upon a time too, just like White and others. It’s during conversations with adults not little kids, not a fairytale.