Bloodcurdling scream
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They laughed at my crayon drawing

I laughed at their chalk outline.

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Premeditated murder? Okay, now THIS is epic.

Then I laughed at their painting

They only chalk line survivors

I didn't get it until I read the comments.


This one time at sandy hook




"Hey kid, your art is terrible!" | "FORGIVE ME MOTHER."

i like stuff

forgive me daddy for i have sinned

Whose ur daddy @`\_("/) _/

@Bleh bleh bleh, have you ever heard of copy and paste??? Your emoticon looks nothing like @¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

lol nice i like chalk outlines their my favorite thing to draw except their red

hory shat

They laughed at my chalk outline I laughed at the red pool they laid on

? what do you mean? I am a kid

A chalk outline is placed where the body of a dead person who was murderd so it is basically: you make fun of my drawing i kill you and make fun of your outline. :)

Think I can do it tomorrow 😜 I think 🐱 is the only this is a joke of you everything else is cool about your cousins joke but I need more jokes so I can play them off to my brother and that's where I need

Tie it out and I don't know what I need to do it 😂 I need a bit b JoJo to the house and I need a joke lol Barbie joker Cody the joker Jordan a joker that is the end I can tell you my mom is a joker my grandma is a joker

yo that fkd up