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A man goes for his annual checkup. Afterwords he's sitting the the doctor's office and the doctor comes in with the results of his tests. The doctor says, "I have some bad news; you have cancer and Alzheimer's." The man replies, "well, at least I don't have cancer."

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2 "the"s, not usually spotted....

I feel like he just made an error though...

Ha ha, yes I like this one. I tell it to mother's tombstone all of the time.

I do t get it

Oof how do so many ppl not understand these jokes. It’s like the joke at the beginning, “dark humor is like food; not everyone gets it” couldn’t agree more. Anyway he forgot what was said to him cuz he’s got Alzheimer’s

Wouldn't be surprised if that was trump's dumbass


I agree with The One That Rants.