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A kid is arrested for a school shooting threat he is then apprehended and asked why he wanted to do this. He responds with “what do you mean I already did it” then the police ran back to the school to aprehend the other people he was planing it with the cops busted in through the doors which caused a smoke trap to go off which then the cops saw three people walk in and the police begin to fire. But as the smoke began to clear the cops saw that the three people were 16 kids duck taped to rolling poles 4 per pole. Back to the station holding the kid being apprehended. the kid puts his feet up on a chair and said “Aww it pays to be lazy!”

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Morbid but funnyish




I feel like it would have been funny but can you please repost this but more grammatically correct. I don’t even know what it’s trying to say.


yh i don't get it


Love it


I'll make it clearer: A kid is arrested for a school-shooting threat. He is then interrogated by the police and asked why would he want to do this. The police then run back to the school, and when they bust through the doors, a smoke trap activates, however, the police see 3 figures moving. Therefore, the police assume they're terrorists and start firing. But as the smoke starts clearing, the police saw that the figures were simply children tied to 3 poles, and then the police realize that they


Continued: just shot 16 children. Back at the police station, where the child was being interrogated, he let out an 'Awww! It pays to be lazy!'




the joke would've been better without the last line, shooting kids is a lot easier than tying them to poles

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