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My friend told me he had a sister. i asked if she was hot and he said she was 8. that wasnt my question

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This is plain RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

You little pervert. What is wrong with you. You sad little chicken butt. Get a life.

dude you're calling him a pervert but look at you're name "your daddy" that's gross and also THIS SITE WAS MADE FOR BAD DIRTY JOKES LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU GET A LIFE AND STOP BEING A DOUCHE

lmao age is just a number, you know what else is a number? ***911***

enough arguing guys, if your on this site then u are a pervert don't lie to yourself. I mean the only reason we read these jokes are to get a wank out of em. seriously you all need to grow up unless u like older men, then stay young my girl.

love from yourassholewastightbeforeiexisted

Haha. All of you crying about the joke probably laughed.

Lol I’m diying

Love knows no age, but law enforcement knows.

She's 8? Sounds like he IS telling you that she is hot. I'd be into it...

This I so wrong. Post this on Reddit. I dare you. You will be eaten alive, creep.

omgggg deaddd lmfaoooo that was funny asf.

its just a joke damn

im going to ignore the dumb ppl who are hating on this joke and just wanna say


Who tf wank to this tf

No actually I’m on here to track down cunts who like little kids!!! I’ma hurt you - see if you like it!!!

@Anonymous I like kittle kids. Got a problem fucktard?



@fucc kids are hot. Deal with it