Aaaaaauuuuggghhhh Jokes

Snover1:You can't pass through Snow Way!

Squirtle: Why I can't pass through Snow Way?

Snover1: There's snow in the way.

Snover2:Yeah, you can't get past through the snow while it's on the way, to continous.

Squirtle: What? There's snow in here the whole time. What is this? Snow Society-?!


Squirtle:Who is that?

Snover2:That is Snow.

Squirtle:What?! That is giant snow tree thing is Abomasnow!

Snover2:Oops! Don't be a Halt!



Snovers: That was a JOKE, Squirtle be FROZEN, just let it go, let it go!

Bee Jokes: "Hello"

"Oh hello buzzy!"

"Why are ya calling me Buzzy this whole time?"

"Because you BEE BUZZing! (Laughs)"

"It's not funny! Jokes are the worst, although I hate those Bee Jokes!"

"Chillax bro. Don't BEE a hater of jokes dude! (Laughs)"

"Aagh! You always had a choice, but I will sting ya face!"

"No! You BEE like pollen to make HONEY-moon. (Laughs)

"Stoooop!! I'm outta here, your worst fan."


"Yes, your worst fan!"

"No! Fan!"

"What?! Aaaaaauuuuggghhhh!!!"

"Ohhh! Buzzy's looking BEE-wind! (Laughs)"