Hello im OwO ^w^.Im only gonna be active once a week :>.
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Whats the Diffrence between a gay Man and a Hairline.

The Hairline is way straighter

What’s do a priest and Christmas tree lights have in common?

They can both flash

Orphans dont have Phones,because the Home Button doesnt work

Femboys are looking kinda tasty for a date,espicically the Dick and their Balls

The last Words from a depressive Person are:"I finally see a Train"

Why Demons are dying from Priestwater?The Soul from a Priest is completly diffrent

What kind of Videos Orphans cant watch?Family friendly Content.

How does the Next Train Stop for a depressive Person? Death

Why do Priests play Geometry Dash?Cuz they can beat Demons.

I wanted to make a Joke about Homeworks,but sadly im an Orphan