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Yo mama's so fat that jane goodall couldn't tell if she was a chimpanzee or a human being

Yo mama is so fat that when I was printing a picture of her last year it's still printing

Yo mama is so stupid that she studied for a covid test

Your mama so fat when she asked for a water bed they put a blanket over the pactfic ocean

you are so fat bob the builder sad i cant fix it LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

New Teacher: I was an orphan as a kid.

Students: sad

Teacher: anyway Is anyone missing.

Students: Your Parents

What do you call a nut stuck to a wall? A walnut.

why dose africa have no phrmacys because you cant have medicsin on a emtay stomuch

what do rubics cube and mellons have in common they have a history of seprateing colors

Twinkle Twinkle there’s a car Coming like a shooting star. I will stand in the way I will not be seen again Are you happy I am dead Now you made it to the end

What do you do when you finish a magazine at a hospital? Reload and keep shooting

guess the joke

your girlfriend

roses or red voilets are blue the childern are fast but elmo is faster bow down to your master

my great grandpa killed hitler

my dad died in 9-11 he was the best piolt

Dark humor is like life not every one gets it

you are like my girlfriend imagnery and non-exstince

why do Orphans love chips

because every bag of chips are family size