I was riding a bike with no helmet I went and went with no helmet until.............I broke my head with no helmet on

My heart broke as I went down up the stairs and my girlfriend broke her ♥️ heart

A guy was doing bad things and died and went to hell.Demon: why you sad

Guy: I’m in hell can’t u see

Demon: will we have fun here at hell

Guy: really nice

Demon: we do sleeping in on Mondays


Demon: Tuesdays we swim in out lava or dive in fire if u die you’re already dead ☠️

Guy: ok dose that meean I’m a ghost

Demon: no ur not a ghost

Demon:Wednesdays we do a dance party and smoke and drink 🍺

Guy: ooooooo i can’t wait 😜

Demon: Thursdays we drink all day until we throw up and die and ur already dead remember that

Guy: ok but I am dead and if I die again I was already dead right?

Demon: yup.

Demon: I have a question are you gay and do you like kissing fire girls and if u die u are already dead

Guy: Ummm I am not gay and I don’t like kissing fire girls 😱😱😱

Demon:then u won’t like Friday or Saturday or Sunday heheh.

Guy: I’m dead for real in the hell🪦🏴‍☠️☠️☠️💀

Hell helll helll R.I.P hell is gone for now

It was raining sadly all day my wife my 2 daughters and me stuck in the house when wife’s mom and dad just died

Wife:😭😭😭I wish this never happened

Mia our first daughter: momy it’s ok I love whenever I see you🥰🥰

Abby our second daughter: I love u all only if you guys die I won’t but I love you when ur alive 😉😏

Me husband: what kind of nonsense was that you love us when we’re alive but you don’t love us when we’re dead🤥😥😓

Everyone except abby: abby this is serious mommy’s mother and father died. says Mia: yes your mom is sadly down right now you made her more sad😡🤬.says dad:sniffs* abby I had made a discussion I will take to an orphanage I am sorry 😣 when I amd better and happy and I forgot what you said then we’ll get you back.says mom:

This was not a joke I just did this for Love 💕

Jack and Jill went up the hill to go and swim in some shit jack forgot to bring some goggles and floaty and now they have a daughter

Secret Jill didn’t go in the shit yet jack went in first and died :D

Ur soul is black I have 4 guns little kid get in van before I shoot u

Grass is green I am the queen if only I can see u scream or the screen

Thing that rhyme with green queen screen clean between been .....................

Roses are red I am dead u could call me wet or I will keep ur dread

I was at school with friends one of my friends had hair in her armpits the rest day of my friends and I tried not to laugh or say anything until on of my friends laughed and told she had hair in her armpits so she ran to her locker to get hair remover and went to one of the restroom stalls

My girlfriend is soo fat that when she runs or walk she falls so I am breaking up with u

🙍🏼‍♀️Fat girlfriend: nooo don’t leave me catch me ahhh

🙇🏼‍♀️Fat girlfriend falls on boyfriend:ahhhhhh *dump*

🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼Fat girlfriend and boyfriend:fat girlfriend:u didn’t catch me wawawawa:boyfriend: get off me 900 pounds ugh I hate u

Story done pls like

Ugly face dude: hi kiddo

Kid: hi kid: leaves

Kid turns back and says: wait a minute who are u?

Ur butt is bigger then my ex-girlfriend’s butt and I love it

My wife is pregnant with a 3 year old so I gave her medicine but now she’s pregnant with a 5 year old

My wife is pregnant but when we get to doctors something happened..........

What happened?

A:the husband is pregnant too with someone else’s baby not the wife’s baby but the wife is pregnant with his baby.