Why did the emo kid get kicked out of the amusement park?

He kept cutting in line.

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You should’ve said he kept cutting lines

not fuunyy! my dautgher died of emo. you deerve your entire family oo cut lines and you cut lines and we all cut lines but not all emos cut in line even though you might cut in lines and do lines butt even thouhg god sees you do this and cut t he may do that and cut tbutt the is god and jesus but you and you can will you go hell ant =others go to heaven but you son't becaue you cut and do lines and cut lines in lines but those lines will line u yp for lining in hell becuase it his hot and the devil will make lines and poke you and do lines but those not may not becuase they are goodo and lines are bad but hell is bad and bad stuff you mad bad

even though

It's really funny. People who can't take a joke on a website like this should fuck off.


Fuck people that can't take a fucking joke

it's a joke. your on a joke website. named worst JOKES ever

Carole go back to school you have so many spelling errors. and I hope you lose another family member.

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calwan does this on a daily basis