Bible Verse of The Day-For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. —Romans 8:15-16

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Shine on!

I believe that's the best, funniest, full on cracking up, wheezing, spluttering, unable to catch a breath koke ive ever heard!!! Nice!! You should do stand up.

The bible is full of crackin' puns and jokes. This is merely one. But in all honesty and seriousness Is God all loving or all powerful? He is neither, and when you start to really think about it, the more God seems idiotic and unrealistic. Let’s start with all powerful. This God supposedly created everything from life to the universe, stars, air, how humans and creatures function, etc. God would also be responsible for implanting humans with things like greed, lust, and other things that are sin. Now, some will argue that this is the devils doing, but the devil was created by God, meaning that in the end, it is Gods doing since God created the entity and if we’re to believe God is all knowing, would know before creating the devil that this would be what the devil does, yet God still does that? This means all pain and suffering, starvation, greed, murder, etc. are Gods fault since God created the means to do those things.

If God was truly all powerful, God would be able to negate those things all together and negate suffering instead of treating us like a bunch of sims God created for his own amusement. Worst is that because of his own design, he then supposedly punishes you for something he created.

Now let’s go to all loving. Again, God punishes you for the things he is responsible for creating instead of removing those things that are bad. God is also responsible for disease that kills people, the creation of human greed (as stated before), and other horrible things. Hell, God made a bet with the devil and allowed his devoted follower to be fucked over in every way just to win a bet.

So yeah, God isn’t all loving, for an all loving being wouldn’t want you to suffer and would do everything in their power (again, if he’s all powerful, can easily negate this) to make sure you don’t suffer. Then he goes about demanding you blindly follow or suffer because you used yet another one of his supposed inventions (free will, thought, and consciousness) to question and not believe, in turn meaning he purposefully wants humans to fail and suffer, because if God loved us, wouldn’t send people to Hell for not believing in him when he does so much to negate the ability to believe beyond a book that can equate to greek, norse, and egyptian mythology.

This isn't a joke. FUCK OFF!