Jarod (😏): Man, Breya Smith is so hot !!! The things I would do!

Y’uree (😟): Yes, but … she moved, remember? Her father found a new β€œjob”, so she is now leaving until the fall.

Jarod (😞): Ah yes! BECAUSE !!!

Y’uree (😯): I don’t know, bitch. Maybe she has other things to do or we can give her a good gangbang before she leaves!

Jarod: (πŸ˜’): No, I really want to fuck her by myself!

Jarod (πŸ€”): Hmmmmmmm … mhmmmmmm … ummmmm … hmmmmm … not a bad idea!

Jarod (🀨): Or not?

Y’uree (πŸ™„): Shut up, man!

Jarod (😠): NO, I mean it! THAT GIRL HAS THE BEST ASS FOR ORAL SEX Y’uree (πŸ™„πŸ˜’): Bruh … listen … gangbang … sex … the same

Halyei (😊): Hello Y’uree and Jarod. How are you guys today?

Y’uree (😏): Well, sexy girls like you should be ass-fucked or fucked so hard that all you can do is talk or nothing at all?

Halyei (😘): Thank you, I suck dicks too!

Jarod (πŸ˜’): Are you Breya ???

Halyei (πŸ˜•): No … do I like that flying bastard ???

Jarod (😣): Ugh … no … baby, you’re free to go!

Halyei (πŸ˜”): Sorry, I miss cursing and having sex with her too! (😟) Sorry for being an idiot. (πŸ˜”) I really miss her. (πŸ€”) Maybe you and I can give her a threesome ??? (πŸ™„) No, I’m not gay! ( ) WHY !!! (😌) Can you come to the please fuck me! It’s the fuckable girls contest and I want to win! (😨) Sorry!

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for god sakes get laid