me: "comment if you love yourself and give me a reason" friends: comments give reason me: "notice how i commented nothing day later mom: let me see your tik tok me: shows her the video mom: calls suicide JK she just beat me for posting a video on her

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don't you just love your mom i cant stop loving her when i was litter my mom hit me alot i thought it was normal but when i told my therapist but she (my therapist) thought i was talking about my dad which he lost custody of me and my big brother and now my big brother hates me no he dose not hate me he. just wants me dead he is 15 i'm 14 well i think i typed eough bye

Is everything okay bre/laim? Your comment sounded very hasty.

yes you. I always worry when I see someone write like that. But I could be wrong and take things a bit literal.

Thanks... But why?

i now have people who care plus a boyfriend so i thank you for giving me something to comment to cuz if it weren't for you i'd be gone tyfe

You helped me too, I barely have any friends and being able to comment to somebody like you was very helpful in many ways and I thank you also.

And to tell the honest truth, not only did I comment because I was a little worried, but because I wanted to start a conversation with somebody. I'm very very happy that I could help and I hope that we might comment back and forth and get to know each other.

( I've never seen or heard the word ''tyfe'' before and I'm not quite sure what it means)

(thank you for everything)

Your welcome. :) (thankyou)

hey gwen now i have a boyfriend and friends now and ty for talking to me i'm still sad but i'm happy that you actually talked to me most people would rather die than talk to me so ty

sorry i done posted that😅

I am soooo glad you have a boyfriend now, I will pray that more people then just me want to talk to you. After all your my very very first friend on this website and this website is the first social website I've ever been on.

Were in this together.

Do you by any chance live in Orogen? If so you have another friend! :)

no i live in jonesboro arkansas sorry

Rats! it's fine. Btw do you publish any jokes?

Just wandering, I thought we could share ours. :)

It's ok. :)

Same to you! You really are a great online friend, and good real life friend too I bet! :)

I thought you were being humorous, I wasn't making fin of you r anything like that.

who all liked this do you know

Umm, I don't really like suicide jokes but I see the meaning so... it wasn't bad. :)

Welcome, I just hoped you wouldn't be offended by being honest.

if your still there gwen i just wanted to let you know how thankful i am for you you helped me alot im still alive thanks to you... and i just wanted to say thank you :)

btw this is my new account