in Depression

whats the similarities between an emo and some Christmas lights

they are both going to be hanging from a tree

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Bro... Thats funny

Ok, How do you think that´ts funny? Its actually serious when you have depression how many kids do you think have commited suicide?

Get tf out of her if your twinkle toes little ass can handle dark humor

Ur names literally ur an idiot when people read it says that ‘your’ u r an idiot so get out of here ya d—-head

omg its just a joke. if u dont want to see these jokes then get off this page ffs. i think its funny and im suicidal and emo ig.

u guys r so fucking stupid LMAO you chose to look up "emo jokes" and ur gonna get all defensive when someone makes a slightly morbid joke 🤨 im a trans minor and i have bigger balls than u guys its sad at this point lol