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in Pedophilia

One night when I was six, I had this super annoying accent, and when I said the number “six,” Oh no… One night my catholic priest asked me how many cookies I needed for my family. I told him six, but thanks to my accent being mixed with many others including Scottish, French, and Russian, it sounded like I said “I need to have sex.” He looked at me strange then pulled me into a closest. Being a Pedo. When Momma asked me why I was missing for 6 hours I told her, “I went to get the cookies like you told me to, and father raped the Christianity out of me.” The angry look she gave my father was amazing. Then with my Papa she beat the hell outta him.

Serves him right.

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I don't get it. I would have finished with a punchline where the priest went unharmed and the girl was misunderstood due to her accent. For example: Girl: He was supposed to get me cookies and leave, but then he had sex with me. Mom: Oh wow! I hope he can work off those extra pounds! Six whole cookies, wow!

Its just shit

Are we just cool with the fact that she got raped and all her parents could do was beat him up?

Is this a joke or are u just trying to tell ppl what happened bc it sounds nothing like a joke