Elle Poirier
in Adult

I see how it is y’all be buying toilet paper stocking up from the Coronavirus but where on the symptoms does it say diarrhea lol why y’all be buying toilet paper now I am just confused

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They don't want to leave their house to risk getting it so they get toilet paper and hand sanitizer and canned foods so they don't have to leave until it's safe. It's basically like a zombie apocalypse.

Dr. Oz said diarrhea is a possible symptom. 😔

All I can say. Toilet paper. Buying it.when people got to runs I say runs to store buy it up

Hello you can't go out to get toilet paper so they but as much as they can yeah dummy

Dr. Oz is a fake ass doctor yo

I heard some bro from Arizona told everyone to wrap their faces in toilet paper to not get the virus

I can’t blame any of you for these awful idiotic comments. It’s my fault for trusting the internet.

its so when in lock down u dont hv to go out to get tp cuz u hv so muck duh