Worst jokes ever

Rip special

Why’d the chicken cross the road?

That doesn’t matter, we need to get the best joker to go back to posting here, he was funny but now people say they are him and ruin his good name, he was the top of the charts for over a year, so screw all these chumps! Bring back THE REAL SPECIAL!!!

also, the chicken dies in the end, ha ha, funny, whatever.

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YASSS QUEEN!!!! Bring back the god of morbidity, and OJ didn't do it, neither did James charles.


OMG!!!! They (not assuming genders) has such a good point, good job homes


No. This page is meant for jokes, not rants. Bring your f...ing rants elsewhere and go suck a dick while you're at it, b..... My jokes are better, d....... The Special probably quit because his little dickface couldn't handle my ginormous cock sucking jokes.

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