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a little girl and a little boy are taking a bath together when the little girl looks down and asks " whats that" the little boy says that’s my little red race car. 10 minutes later the boy looks down and ask’s whats that,the little girl says "that’s my little red race car garage. so later that night the boy ask’s the little girl if he can put his little red race car in her little red race car garage, She say yes and they pull down there pants and the boy try’s putting his little red race car in her garage but it won’t fit down stairs the mother hears an ear piercing scream and runs up stairs flips on the lights and see’s blood on the floor the mother ask’s "what happened the little girl say’s “we tried putting his car in my garage and it wouldn’t fit so i cut the back wheels off”

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That is amazing


You reposting peice of shit


Shut the hell up anon the slave, your name now automatically makes you poor.



Lmfao that is good


it says wait William Anon Itittttty bitttttty b....y commity The reason you ar ded


They are in the bath together and he asks to stick his car in her garage! And then it say they pull their pants down? Why do they auger pants on in the bath?

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