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so disrespectful i swear 🤬🤬🤬😡😤

Yo mama so black that when she wears yellow lipstick she looks like a cheeseburger.

Yo mama so cold that when she got in the hot tub it froze.

Yo mama so dumb that when her teacher told her to get out a pen and paper she got out a hen and raped her.

Yo mama so fat that every time she turns around it’s her birthday.

Yo mama so gross when she eats a burger it’s like watching Jurassic Park.

Yo mama so hairy that she braids her eyebrows l.

Yo mama so lazy that she didn’t give birth to you until you were 18.

Yo mama so mean that the only letters of the alphabet that she knows are FU.

Yo mama so old that she ate lunch with Jesus in 8th grade.

Yo mama so poor that she waves around a popsicle and calls it air conditioning.

Yo mama so skinny that when she wears her yellow dress people think she is a number 2 pencil.

Yo mama so tall that she tripped in California and hit her head in Alabama.

Yo mama so fat when she went to KFC the manager asked what size bucket and she said the one on the roof how do I