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Chuck: That's my sister, mister and I'm gonna save her

Red: snooore, snoooore

Silver: *straining to get outta buff eagle's grip*

Chuck: *goes super sonic speed and breaks outfit*

Chuck VS RED

Both LOSE!

The warden is stronger than the ender dragon but WHY IS IT NOT A BOSS????

(doesnt have bossbar)

Phobos and Deimos are just asteroids in moon costumes and mars was blind due to it's frequent sandstorms so it let Phobos and Deimos to be its moons


After Jill went down the hill to get a pill,

Jack was screaming till his voice went nil

And Jill screamed "Chill!"

Jack and Jill went up a hill

To pick some dill

Jack slid down the hill and hurt his leg of skill

And he needed a painkiller pill