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My friend threw my bookbag on the ground and now I have a loner chromebook for a while, while my Chromebook is getting fixed....

Is it just me that when my computer battery is at 6% it's fine, BUT WHEN THE MF HITS 5% I NEED TO FIND A FREAKING CHARGER OR ALL HELL GOING TO BREAK LOOSE

Bruhhh Netflix is blocked on my computer till like 5:00 and i'm boredddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

A few weeks ago my grandma called her puppy named Pickles a terrorist. I think the puppy committed 9/11.

Dude if I weren't the youngest child in my family I would probably have a younger sibling that needs more mental help then me.

They would be coming home saying: Younger sibling: I'm home! Parents: Hey sweetie how was school? Younger sibling:Terrible. I want to jump everyone at school. Parents: YOUR ONLY IN 3RD GRADE! DID YOU LEARN THIS FROM YOUR SISTER?!?!?! Younger sibling:Yeah.. Parents: Ok. MIA GET YOUR ASS OVE… Read more

2 songs you guys should listen to that I love.

Angels & Demons by jxdn

Angels & Demons part 2 by jxdn.

Why do I always have to cry at school events??? 1st time was at a dance and yesterday it was a football game