orphan- am going to see my mom in the kitchen because they are always in there


you know why you never wana fly with a orphan. cause then they know they won't die alone

alright so i have a few orphan jokes im gonna put them all in one message.

why cant orphans be gay? they have no one to call daddy.

why cant orphans go on a field trip? parent signiture:______

new teacher: i used to be an orphan as a kid students:hahaha teacher: is anyone missing? students:no one just your parents

why did the orphan become a prostitute? they kept calling everyone daddy

why do orphans have the iphonex because it has no home button

why can't an orphan go on a field trip? Cuz they need parent registration 😩

Why can't orphans close their video games?

Because they can't find the home button