Why can’t an orphan go on a field trip Cause they need a parent signature

Whats a word that starts with m and ends in airage and all men like it?

Miscarriage The joke never gets old just like the baby

Jesus and his friend went fishing they both cast the line out and both of them get a bite but Jesus's friend misses and says "damn I missed" jesus said "that's a bad sentence to say if you say it 3 time something bad will happen to you" they cast it out again and both get a bite and Jesus's friend misses again and says "damn I missed" jesus replied "if you say that one more time something bad will happen" they cast out again and Jesus's friends line snaps and he says "damn I missed" jesus said "that's the last time something bad will happen" the biggest thunder storm ever seen appeared and a lightning bolt struck jesus and a voice came from the clouds "damn I missed"

When your in the war and you die and say to got where is the gulag

Why did the bank robber shoot the man with no arms? Because he told the man to put his hands up