in Hang

You're reading this thinking I'm gonna make a joke. But in reality I don't feel comfortable telling this to my family or friends. But 3 weeks ago I went to work and took a knot there and took it home (late night shift) its been hanging in my room for 3 weeks now and my mom and dad haven't noticed it yet. But my sister is extremely obsessive over me and she won't stop flirting or touch me and I swear I can't bare it! Everytime I come home from work she jumps on me she licks my bloody cheek and its getting me stressed! I can't deal with that shit and I don't want to! If I'm in my room just on my phone and I try to charge my phone. I can see her literally staring at me from the cap between my door and the opening and she is bloody naked! I tried telling my parents but they already have big drama from each other and I don't want to put more into it. My closet is not big so I really need to see what I put there. But when I open it and try to find my boxers all I see is my sister's underwear and those that are used not new ones. You can smell it the moment you open your closet. I'm not gonna be sniffing it to check if it's new or not because she might be lurking somewhere and it's gonna be bad new for me! So I rather end my life then being with her! I'm gonna hang myself probably after i write this. No one is home and I'm alone so I can write myself a paper to them and just go for it! It was really nice venting here tho it felt good.

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Hang in there brother..

Tell someone… anyone! I care. Please you have so much to offer the world. I love you.

Can we switch places? Waste of a good sister ngl.

Unless you're already dead, and in that case, let's NOT switch places.