Ok,ok who is trying to be my “long lost brother” because last time i checked I didn’t have any sisters or brothers so stop trying to steal my fame from me and give up a lot of other people already know u are fake so get off this website OR JUST STOP!!!

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See ill put my birth date and my family date on the chat see look

Relatives-Bradley Shark Lewis. Born-Sep, 13 2006- Kids in Lewis Family-Only One-Bradley Shark Lewis.


No I promise I am

This is the story:

So after you got born I got born after but then the nurse took me out and then my parents forgot me there and only took you so then, I had to grow up in the street but then I worked for a millionaire and I took some of his money and now I bought a house and got a new job.

whats ur middle name than bitch?

u really think i will belive that?

im not stupid

whats ur full name?

and MY parents names? if u dont know then u arent my "lost brother"

lol i was born before u

im only 12


My middle mame is Isac

I forgot our parents name because they forgot about me. SIMPLE AS THAT

lol no one in my family's name is Isac lol

ok fine ill let u be my brother

but no taking my fame got a deal?

Fine im lying but dont say nothing

ha ha i knew it u son of bitch


how about u u son a bitch from hell who want my fame


Instead of qatershRky