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My mother wanted to test my responsibility and wanted me to cook dinner for the family to help mean understand how it feels to constantly cook for a whole family. So me with my horrible humor decided to make a giant joke for when dinner time came around and so I just got four plates and set them in front of my family and I then said, “Here you are a fine African meal.” then everybody looked at me in disappointment and then I continued to say, “what poor taste?”

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I spit out my water reading this u bastatd. XD

Idiot 🙄

Instructions unclear. Fucked a plate

Why do people assume Africa is poor, is it because of the news? When people travel over there, they are amazed, so much so that some never leave. In fact they even colonized it and wanted to ship the locals overseas so they could have it for themselves... Why would you go to all that trouble for a desolate place, hmm?

We tell jokes here sir.


You could have just piss in the dish washer and call it a prank

My friend lm from Zimbabwe we not poor 1 thing l know for sure my income is 3 times better than yours