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Hey guys, i´m at the library right now, my parents think i´m studing, but i´m not. I have some sad news. My parents are going to divorce. It´s not because of this, but because of something else happening right now.

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Why come back?

Because I want to tell you what´s wrong with this website. The people. Not the jokes, the people. You keep freaking out about problems that aren´t yours to begin with. You all keep going on here, wanting to ¨chat¨ with people on here, that you DONT KNOW, and have NEVER MET BEFORE. Matt needs to get rid of the community tab. I´m sick of seeing little kids on here, their maturity level contagious, and contaminating the enviroment.

Stfu fake Hailey no one wants to hear you go the fuck away

I. am this hailey.

I honestly kind of agree with your message tho

No one here knows eachother. You might have talked to them on a discord, but that doesn´t mean you KNOW them.

I never talked to them about except here

You’re right tho anybody here could be a 5 yr old girl or a 70 he old man who the hell knows

Amen Hailey! I actually do agree with this! It has become a terrible commnity with everyone cussing. And there are too many kids on here that are having their childhood ruined because they come on this website and find "new words"