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Tired of tiktok, reddit and instagram bullshit? You need 4chan! 4chan is an anonymous image board, so no doxxing! Almost anything goes, so no need to worry about loser moderators. Choose your favorite board, whether it be about guns, sports, politics or absolutely anything. Come to 4chan now and rid yourself of normiedom!

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but 4chan is dangerous, they are all hackers

nevermind they're not hackers. ignore what I said

4chan is full of queers who think their cool loving in their mom's basement posting underage stuff and racism memes like fr middle schools that never got bullied

LOL tired of being a normal person lets go back to a site with loser than highschool humor

You're literally in highschool. kys.

Everyone above is a retard that has never left /b/ or /pol/.

id rather be in highschool than an unemployed retard like u

We already know anon1 is neet lmfao