i declare war in the stig who ever wants to join me can its time to stop his Fucking shit he os she is a drama queen

who wana date an ugly bitch like me nobody

im sad nobody wana talk

if your in the DUMBLEDORES ARMY make a pinterest acound and follow @shayliehamilton so we can chat on there because im on there more

hey royal can i ask you what is your name

TO THE STIG AND ONLY THE STIG I would like to talk to you plzz because im a minor and you told me to kill myself im 13 your 19 that could put you in jail so if you dont know people who are on hear you need to fucking stop because there are 45,799 suersides a year and you could be part of it telling someone to kill them self is not a good thing how would you feel as a 13 yearold or younger and some stranger told you to kill yourself now you said your 19 well then FUCKING GROW UP AND ACT YOUR AGE

to rayal so how do i join in to the groupe

im oficialy single for life i gess my ex called me a hoe and is know dating my twin sister so how is that right

who wana be my bestfriend same as royal i put on my fave to be easyer to talk to

ima try to talk to the stig wish me luck

if you had to tell me one thing you dont like about me what would it be if you dont know me just coment some and ill answer

Dumbledore's army Join the army!!! do it for good luck

to ROYAL do you know the stig of doese he hate you for no fuckin reson

gess the song

I can tell you've been crying (yeah) I can tell when you're lying, I can see it on your face I can hear it in the silence That you don't know if we really have what it takes All you ever needed was a meaning to the words that I said But you didn't believe me when I told you that I loved you to death Oh, I never meant to leave you crying in the rain I tried Said forever, now forever feels so far away …

when im sroling throug the park and see names carved in trees i dont find it cute or romantic i find it weired how many people bring wepons on dates

i updated my profile to a pic of me i can oficialy say im ugly