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update on mr creep (mr. c)

he continues to make me uncomfortable. i have shown signs of feeling like he needs to go away, but he doesn't seem to take a hint. plus when i ask him for help w my work he crouches down on both knees right next to me, so close that when i turn i am afraid that i will be met with him and his pedo face. I do lean away, but he doesn't take the hint.

ofc, my math teacher will say that this is bullcrap. i did report him to one of my teachers, so lets see how that goes.

What do you think?

so yk those teachers that have the 'one table at a time' approach, when they will assist you ONLY when they are done with all the other tables before yours? even when you finished your work WAY before she reaches the table and before you know it, it is the end of the period?

Guys is my teacher a pedophile?

So he isn't exactly a teacher, he is more or so an apprentice to my maths teacher. Let's call him Mr. C. Mr. C comes to my math classes on Tuesdays. I sometimes sit by myself in math class, because I want to be fully focused in my work. So Mr. C sees that I am by myself, and sits next to me. We have a casual conversation, and it went fine.

The next week was another casual conversati… Read more

Another vent (because of the toxic ass people in my school)

So, there is this girl, let's call her G. So, G went to my PS and ever since I joined in grade three, she has been whiny and bossy whenever I was in her class. Whenever she is not in my class, she is usually nice. I feel like she hated the fact that I got along with her best friend well. Also, during camp two years ago, G told me to give her a 'break', beca… Read more

Hi guys,

I am saying it here, because there is no space that I can vent to, since literally people in my friend group are uncomfortable with me venting, even though it is normal.

It is the fourth day of school, and I feel like I am the cause of my friend group being disconnected. I have this one friend, let's call her friend A. This friend A and another friend (friend B), who seems to be friend A's best friend. Fri… Read more

I am a mess. I embarrased myself too much, and now, its too late. I can't sleep because I am too worried and scared about what will happen next I just wanna dig a hole and bury myself That's how embarassed I feel I am devestated, and now, I can't talk to anyone without being reminded of this. I can't fix things up with people, even if I tried. Although it may not seem like it, I am working on being a better person. I just can't impress anyone It seems like everybody have each other's backs and I am the lone wolf Left to wander around on my own, with no defense. I am afraid for tomorrow, and what I will face.

I have seen the whole opal drama, and here is my opinion on it.

Even though she may have done some bad things, she regrets it, and is working on being a better person. As she said, she has anxiety and ADHD, and some ppl just cram hate on her telling her to "kill [herself]" and asking the mods and Matt to ban her. I can relate to this, because I have been in these situations before at school, and I struggled to fix … Read more


Guess what these are (I hate the first one btw but the second one is my childhood)

"I have a whole lotta dogs but I only need like three of them and the rest are practically useless" "I have to keep helping my owner because he is a failure and I wish his great grandson didn't give me to him"


The weather today is pretty hot, isn't it? Just a regular January.


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