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Yes I over reacted and yes it was stupid of me but get this y'all have parents to come home to everyday You have people to say goodnight to people who love and care for you at least you have a mom. My mom was my best friend and the last words i told her was when are u coming home and 1 minute later she got into an accident and didn't surive you don't know how it feels to cry your self to sleep and let yourself know i… Read more

Gonna raise up a tall glass Tonight as we look back Back on all the life that we lived through Yeah, the things that we drink to Roads that we choose, friends that we make Turns that we miss and the hearts that we break The words that we say and the ones that we don't Lines that we cross and the ones that we won't Tears that we cried, the dreams that we dreamed Stars that burnt out and the stars that we reached The pictures we take, the stories they tell And the moments we keep for ourselves

Question of the day ( ima start doing this every day )!!!

How tall are y'all

note* You don't have to answer if you don't want to no pressure.

Hey guys its Kay and I would like to say I am glad to be back on here the doctor said I made a good recovery and I just made it home and what happen was on Christmas day I started coughing and coughing then I threw up and my " mom " realized i had blood in my throw up so she rushed me to the hospital and the doctor said I was very ill so they did everything they could to help me back I stood in there for 3 weeks and 2 days ago the doctor said I made a full recovery and i just came home today.

Glad to see everyone again :D

Listen to this it is Avici I LOVE HIMMMMMM if you hate him I will start hating you for now on

Conversion with younger me ( 6 year old vs 14 year old )

6 year old me: " Do I like to play with lego " 14 year old me: " yes I love to build legos ". 6 year old me " Do I still love Rudolph the red nose rein-deer ". : 14 year old me: " Love it still that movie never gets old ". 6 year old me " Do u still play with barbie dolls " 14 year old me: " No not no more ;-; " 6 year old me: " Do you still have blueberry your blue pitbull " 14 year old me: " No she died last week after we got our new puppy ".

This is the end of part 1 let me know if you want me to do a part 2. Comment below please :D